About me

Personal and Therapeutic Journey

Since adolescence I have been impacted by injustice and the disparity of life circumstances. On leaving college, though reading and travel I found my self drawn to information and experiences which opened doors to understanding more about the human condition. I am fascinated how everything is composed of energy (both seen and unseen), vibrating at different frequencies . We truly are connected.

Even Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2, revealed—that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing.

In my late twenties I participated in a two year shamanic personal development programme. Here I was able to deepen my understanding and experience of the different aspects of myself – mind, body, emotion, life force/spirit, and how each aspect has a need to be heard and respected, in order to be healthy and integrated.

From here, I engaged in my first bout of counselling which inspired me to retrain and change my work from a children’s book designer to a therapist.

I was interested in a training that was experiential and creative, choosing the Humanistic Integrative Counselling Diploma at Wealden College (i.e relational and offering different modalities – as no one size fits all). Whilst in training I started a counselling placement working in the field of addictions and substance misuse. After I qualified, I have worked as a freelance counsellor for The Crime Reduction Initiative (dependencies/addictions – now CGL) and the Family Intervention Programme (FIP), working with families in crises.  Subsequently I worked at the Women’s Centre in Brighton and then at the YMCA, counselling young people aged between 11-17 years. Currently, alongside my practice in Shoreham-by-Sea, I work part time as a trauma therapist at Mankind, supporting male survivors of sexual abuse.

Since qualifying fifteen years ago I have been committed to continuing professional development. What stands out, is we now have a much greater understanding of how the legacies of the relational dynamics learnt from our primary care givers and trauma experiences are stored in the body (somatically). Many trainings, including Peter Levin’s Somatic Experiencing and Pat Ogden’s Sensory Motor Psychotherapy, are specifically geared towards body centered therapy, with the renewed understanding that talking therapy can only go so far with healing. Part of the healing process is tracking how these energetic patterns in the body show up in the here-and-now and how they are reflected in our felt sensations, beliefs, behavioural habits and emotions. I feel I have come a full circle; ultimately my work is paying attention to and freeing up these energetic patterns, to support people live a more connected and integrated life. I find it a fascinating and an inspiring journey to be on.

Details of my qualifications:

Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling (Accredited) – Wealden College
Certificate in Person Centred Art Therapy –
Crawley College
Voice Dialogue Practitioner – The Blagdon Institute
Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Dependencies –
Crime Reduction Initiative (now CGL)

Additional trainings

Revolutionising Trauma – with Babette Rothschild
Trauma and Sensory Motor Psychotherapy – with Dr. Pat Ogden
Compassionate Enquiry – with Dr. Gabor Mate
Trauma and Creativity – with Christiane Sanderson
Working with Trauma –
Cathy Davey Training
Working creatively with Trauma –
Cathy Davey Training
Working creatively with Addictions – Cathy Davey Training
Brief Solution Focused Therapy – Cathy Davey Training
Safe Guarding: children and adults
Family Constellation training –
SOULutions with Marilene Metzler
Understanding Therapeutic Practice in Outdoor Natural Spaces –
Centre for Natural Reflection
Creative work in Sand-tray –
Esse Bene Training

I am committed to ongoing training and personal development.