Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from counselling?
Counselling offers a non-judgemental relationship between myself and you, in which you can explore what you looking for, and how to achieve that. I do not give advice, but help people make their own choices within the framework of an agreed counselling contract.

How often would I attend counselling?
Counselling usually takes place weekly at a time suitable for both parties. Attending weekly counselling maintains a momentum of support. Changes can be agreed if personal circumstances change.

What is a counselling contract?
There are two types of counselling contract:
1. A counselling contract is a verbal understanding between my self and you about what you are wishing to achieve/change from having counselling.
2. A counselling contract is a written agreement regarding fees, timings, cancellations. Written contracts vary between different counsellors.

How do I know if counselling will be beneficial?
The purpose of having an initial consultation enables you to consider, without obligation, whether you feel that I have the qualities and the counselling approach, necessary to support you through the concerns that bring you to counselling now. The relationship in counselling is very important and it is vital you feel at ease and safe with your counsellor.

How long will the counselling last?
The counselling sessions last fifty minutes.

How many sessions ought I have?
Some people find that just a few sessions are all they need, other people value therapeutic support over a sustained period of time. The therapy will be regularly reviewed as we go along to help determine the duration of our work together.

How much does a counselling session cost?
My fees are £50.00/hour
Depending on availability some lower cost sessions can be negotiated.